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Fashion TV Enters The Indian Market With Tamanchey

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Nikhil Dwivedi and Richa Chadda starrer Tamanchey will be good to go release a upon 11th 2014 which likewise announces the particular accessibility connected with Trend TV in the Bollywood filmmaking industry. Following your accessibility on the TV giants similar to Sony and Zee directly into motion picture production, the latest you to definitely us upon the particular production bandwagon will be Trend TV!
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FTV has obtained the particular legal rights connected with Tamanchey, a motion picture of which celebrities Nikhil Dwivedi together with Richa Chadda being a step in the suitable way connected with motion picture production.

These folks were mostly buying a youthful motion picture together with trendy quotient and so they discovered Tamanchey appropriate the particular payment.

Aimed through Navneet Behal, Tamanchey can be an aggressive, excited acidic love story between 2 thieves while busy in the legislation. Using the life connected with gangsters, Tamanchey would have been a realistic undertakes the particular life on the men and women within the underworld.
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