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Shahrukh Khan to Endorse Pan Masala for Rs 20 crore

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The extent that advertising brands are concerned, superstar Shahrukh Khan is now well known among heading brands. Also in this manner if reports are to be accepted genuine, then he has now been approached to be the substance of a pan masala brand.

A source near the on-screen character turned producer says, "The business will demonstrate a customary man becoming famous on his own without having any associations or any guardian in the field. In keeping with this subject, the brand felt that SRK was an impeccable fit.
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"At first, mark authorities were evidently searching for an alternate superstar, however they soon understood that the performer's father is a huge name in the business, which settled on him the wrong decision for their item. They have now focused in on SRK, as he has attained everything on his own steam. They have now made him an offer included by the source.

The performer has obviously given his regard to the brand and he might soon leave all needed signatures. Also learn to expect the unexpected. Apparently he is constantly paid a whopping measure of Rs. 20 crore for this commercial arrangement.

Source further included, "SRK is a huge name and the organization is prepared to pay him Rs 20 crore. They are exceptionally blissful to realize that he has indicated enthusiasm toward working with them and they now need to shoot a business with him. They need to air it on screen at the earliest opportunity."

That being said, that is in fact an enormous fat-size sum, we say!
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